WOW this FriYAY we are announcing the Tenth Winner who rounds out our 2018 Educational Summer Camp Scholarship winners for grades 6-11.

BIG Shout Out and CONGRATS to Jose of Pasco County who used his Summer Educational Scholarship to keep him engaged for a future in Criminology.  Jose states his Single Parent Mother and love of Family makes him want to help all others like himself be the best they can be.

Next FriYAY we will announce all our College Scholarship Winners along with our other Educational Scholarships given out.  THEN we will be posting our Testimonials from all Scholarship Winners.

Until next time … Keep it Real … REAL FUN that is 🙂  Brenda


YAHOOEE this is our Ninth Summer Camp Scholarship Winner for students from Fifth Grade through Tenth Grade.  BIG SHOUT OUT AND CONGRATS TO CATHY of Hillsborough County!

Cathy used her Educational Scholarship Funds to attend a Computer Science Camp to better herself and her families future which as we all know that’s where the future is in computers.

All Student Testimonials will be posted in September for perusal and knowledge.  Next Week we start announcing our College Scholarships Winners … Thank You to All our Donors; Sponsors; Contributors; Attendees and Venue Donors!

Until Next time … keep it REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

FriYAY Winner

Summer Camp Educational Scholarship Number EIGHT Giveaway went to LILLY of Pinellas County!  Help me in giving a BIG SHOUT OUT TO LILLY!

Lilly chose to attend Countryside Christian Church Summer Camp for her spiritual educational growth and getting to know her Community Better.  We can’t wait until September to announce all the Kiddo’s Testimonials!

Remember until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!!!  Brenda


JUST HAPPENED on our weekly FriYAY Educational Scholarship Winner, so join us in saying CONGRATS to RILEY of Orange County Florida winning her Educational Summer Camp Experience that included her Professional Acting Head Shot!  YEAH RILEY!!


PS ~ I don’t know about y’all but I want this Photographer, Brad Kidwell to make me look younger like this!!!! @BradKidwell

As you can see Riley looks very young and being the smart little young lady she is spending her Educational Scholarship Funds to attend Summer Acting and Drama Classes.  I foresee a great future for this Stunningly Beautiful young Lady.  Her Testimonial will be announced with everyone else’s the end of August!

RILEY again Congrats from o2b Fun Inc and all our wonderful Sponsors, Donors, Auction Sponsors, and Event Attendees that make our Educational Scholarships Happen.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Brenda

FriYAY Sixth Winner

HAPPENED and EXCITED to announce our Sixth Educational Summer Camp Experience Winner, COLIN!

COLIN, of Pinellas County, is dentin to definitely give back and be a vital part of his community!  COLIN used his funds to attend YMCA of Largo to work with Autistic Children!  COLIN wants to learn responsibility, accountability, respect,  job skills and he stated he has a heart for the Autistic community.

This summer long educational camp will hopefully lead into summer jobs and a lifetime job. We cannot wait to see the testimony from COLIN.

WINNER FIVE as in our Fifth Scholarship Winner

FriYAY and SO Excited to introduce you to our FIFTH SCHOLARSHIP WINNER.

SUPER HERO Shout out to the Sole Provider of this scholarship goes to Paula Phillips who provided 100% of the funds to send LOGAN of Hillsborough County to attend Musical Camp.

CONGRATS TO YOUR WINNER, LOGAN of Hillsborough County who is using his funds to attend Music/Arts camp with his desires to one day be in the Florida Orchestra and we can’t wait to see him there.  Join o2b Fun Inc. and Paula Phillips in Congratulating Mr. LOGAN and here’s to a fun growing experience!  GO BE AWESOMENESS LOGAN

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL Fun that is!  Brenda

Watch for more updates on this event as we replenish our coffers to Grant School Programs with much needed funds in September.  THANKS to all our SUPER HERO’S who make this event possible as well those who will sponsor!


FriYAY WINNER #4 … JOIN me in saying BIG CONGRATS TO Rosa from Hernando County. 

Rosa is our Fourth Winner to gain one of our cash Educational Scholarship to attend a Florida Summer Educational Camp~  ROSA will learn more during camp on her love of horticulture and we can’t wait to read her testimonial upon her return.  FYI to read any an all Student Testimonials go to our Students Page here and know all will be updated the end of August after Students return from Camps.  Our College Winners will be posted After all the Student winners are announced, just FYI 🙂

Be watching next week as we introduce another one of our Next Winner, our next upcoming event is Reds, Whites & Jazzy Blues, scheduled for September 15, 2018.  This event is attended by 300 community members, families and businesses.

The Event is done to replenish our coffers and enable us to Provide Cash Scholarships to Schools for their New School Year needs.  Our March event provides Students with Educational Scholarships, so in September this event enables us to Give Schools some much needed Funds for Classroom needs or programs such as camera’s for bullying programs.  Consider donating items for our auction.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and see you soon!  Brenda