Scholarship Winner from FB

THANK YOU SUPER HERO DONORS that contributed on facebook for my September 1 birthday.

Because of your SUPER HERO POWERS, we granted a Book Scholarship to Winner,  RASHAWN … help me in a BIG CONGRATS as Rashawn used his funds for College books and needs.

Next week we begin announcing the Title I and Other Schools that were granted Educational Scholarships from you our SUPER HERO’S!  I just love helping these Kiddos out and I can’t do it without all of you so THANK YOU!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

Monday Monday

WELL, since I missed the FriYAY announcement here it is later that what should be, please forgive me!

FriYAY and Final College Winner so help me in saying BIG CONGRATS TO Dakota

Again this ends all our Summer Camp and College Scholarship winners for 2018.  Next week we announce the School or Other not for profit Scholarship winners.

Testimonials are coming in and we will share those after the final winning scholarship announcements.

SUPER HERO THANK YOU TO OUR CASH SPONSORS: Thornton’s Inc.; Nielsen; Spectrum; TECO; DeBartolo; Ranmar Development;  FOP Lodge #43 Pinellas; Pilot Bank; Adalay Cabinets; Tiller Law Group; SHEP/Michael Shephard Family; and Ed’s Fine Wines.

Our Event Food/Beverage Provider SUPER HERO’S Amici’s Catered Cuisine ~ Earth Fare Oldsmar ~ Flamestone Oldsmar ~ GrillSmith Clearwater ~ Little Donut House ~ Newk’s ~ Publix ~ Sam’s Club ~ Costco ~ Great Bay Budweiser ~ Ed’s Fine Wines ~ Water Boys ~ Kawha Coffee ~ Winn Dixie ~ CABOT CREAMERY and JJ TAYLOR!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Brenda

FriYAY Winners

It’s FriYAY and time to announce two of our College Bound Scholarship Winners!  One from Hillsborough and One from Pinellas County are this weeks winners as follows

Katy, Hillsborough Co. will be going to college for Biomedical Engineer

Susan, Pinellas Co. will be going to college for School of Nursing


CONGRATS Ladies and wishing you a successful and educational first year as we await your testimonials to be shared after we announce the last Scholarship winners next Friday.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

FriYAY Early

Well FriYAY isn’t today but with the Labor Day Weekend we wanted to get our CONGRATS out to the next two -2- College Bound Scholarship Winners.  Join us in with a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Brianna and Danielle!

Brianna is from Pinellas County and is using her funds to attend School of Health Science for health care.

Danielle is from Hillsborough County and is using her funds to attend School of Business Consulting


Ladies we are so excited in your desire to better yourself and bring you Educational knowledge back into your hometown areas for betterment of the community.  Testimonials will be posted later.

Please know that 100% of all proceeds raised in our events go straight to providing educational scholarships to needy students and local schools for their needs.  We are so grateful to all our sponsors, donors and event attendees that make our scholarships happen as you all are our SUPER HERO’S.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

FriYAY SHEP Scholarship Winners

Today we begin announcing our 2018 College Scholarship Winners after finishing up 10 Summer Camp Scholarship Winners.

Our Prestigious SHEP Award for 2018 was given to Two (2) Great Young Men so Please help me in saying a BIG CONGRATS to:

Steve of Hillsborough County and Dan of Paso County our WINNERS:


SHEP Award is for a student desiring to attend Technical school for training.  This award provides the winner with a once in a lifetime scholarship grant from o2b Fun in honor of Michael Sheppard.     Our “Shep Award,” will forever Honor my sweet young friend and stands for:

S = Service, desire to  serve and help others

H = Heart, full of caring and giving

E = Education, a desire to always learn more

P = Perseverance, tenacity to keep on trying

YEAH GUYS and until next time, keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda


WOW this FriYAY we are announcing the Tenth Winner who rounds out our 2018 Educational Summer Camp Scholarship winners for grades 6-11.

BIG Shout Out and CONGRATS to Jose of Pasco County who used his Summer Educational Scholarship to keep him engaged for a future in Criminology.  Jose states his Single Parent Mother and love of Family makes him want to help all others like himself be the best they can be.

Next FriYAY we will announce all our College Scholarship Winners along with our other Educational Scholarships given out.  THEN we will be posting our Testimonials from all Scholarship Winners.

Until next time … Keep it Real … REAL FUN that is 🙂  Brenda


YAHOOEE this is our Ninth Summer Camp Scholarship Winner for students from Fifth Grade through Tenth Grade.  BIG SHOUT OUT AND CONGRATS TO CATHY of Hillsborough County!

Cathy used her Educational Scholarship Funds to attend a Computer Science Camp to better herself and her families future which as we all know that’s where the future is in computers.

All Student Testimonials will be posted in September for perusal and knowledge.  Next Week we start announcing our College Scholarships Winners … Thank You to All our Donors; Sponsors; Contributors; Attendees and Venue Donors!

Until Next time … keep it REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

FriYAY Winner

Summer Camp Educational Scholarship Number EIGHT Giveaway went to LILLY of Pinellas County!  Help me in giving a BIG SHOUT OUT TO LILLY!

Lilly chose to attend Countryside Christian Church Summer Camp for her spiritual educational growth and getting to know her Community Better.  We can’t wait until September to announce all the Kiddo’s Testimonials!

Remember until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!!!  Brenda


JUST HAPPENED on our weekly FriYAY Educational Scholarship Winner, so join us in saying CONGRATS to RILEY of Orange County Florida winning her Educational Summer Camp Experience that included her Professional Acting Head Shot!  YEAH RILEY!!


PS ~ I don’t know about y’all but I want this Photographer, Brad Kidwell to make me look younger like this!!!! @BradKidwell

As you can see Riley looks very young and being the smart little young lady she is spending her Educational Scholarship Funds to attend Summer Acting and Drama Classes.  I foresee a great future for this Stunningly Beautiful young Lady.  Her Testimonial will be announced with everyone else’s the end of August!

RILEY again Congrats from o2b Fun Inc and all our wonderful Sponsors, Donors, Auction Sponsors, and Event Attendees that make our Educational Scholarships Happen.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Brenda

FriYAY Sixth Winner

HAPPENED and EXCITED to announce our Sixth Educational Summer Camp Experience Winner, COLIN!

COLIN, of Pinellas County, is dentin to definitely give back and be a vital part of his community!  COLIN used his funds to attend YMCA of Largo to work with Autistic Children!  COLIN wants to learn responsibility, accountability, respect,  job skills and he stated he has a heart for the Autistic community.

This summer long educational camp will hopefully lead into summer jobs and a lifetime job. We cannot wait to see the testimony from COLIN.