Rooftop Suitcase Party SPONSORS


So Excited to ‘get this ball rolling!’

Venue Sponsor is The Nielsen Company – where we will literally be on the Rooftop for this event thanks to Nielsen!

Southwest Airlines – who will provide round trip airfare for two for one of our destination packages 🙂

Print Sponsor is Harbour Graphics & Design Studio the one the only most talented Lisa Collins our Logo Creator

Hotel Fusion in San Fran California with wine tour, private dinner and round trip airfare!

Be Watching for more sponsors, resorts, food and beverage sponsors as we keep it short/sweet focusing on the Sponsors for this Signature Event coming Thursday, MARCH 5, 2015.

Keep Calm SaveDate

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and Merry Christmas from our household to yours!  Brenda

Countryside”ionans” Hollywood Nights Award Winners

BabeMarilyn Group Pic
BabeMarilyn WINNERS

In my appearances I promised this event pics with details. Babe and Marilyn Antici our Florida Parents for so many of us at Countryside Christian Center celebrated their 60 Year Wedding Anniversary and Jacqueline hosted the event at her house doing all the work. I created only the awards ceremony where we pulled out the red carpet and had our version of Hollywood Awards … of course Babe and Marilyn won EVERY Category from looks like Babe Ruth, looks like Marilyn Monroe, Best clogger, Best Soup Chef, Best Yorkie Parents and the list goes on. A bouquet of balloon candy was given for each category.

Again thanks for Jacqeline, Vickie and Gram for all the hard work in prep, serving, cooking, cleaning and as you can see the crowd was represented. Only thing is Pastor Glenn Davis and Elaine were robbed on a few categories but then again many of us were as we GLADLY gave up for Two of the Most Awesome, Lovely, Giving and FUN people. Just never challenge Babe in a game of wii bowling, just say’en!

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and hope each of us make it to 60 Years Wedding Anniversary! 🙂 brenda



WOW … what a fun day I had serving, yes serving. Those that know me know I love serving also have done events in every form since 1990 and today I had the opportunity to serve Coach Tony Dungy and Darrin Gray for an All Pro Dad event at Nielsen TV Ratings in Oldsmar, Florida.

Funny my long time Nielsen friends Amy and Denise gently reminded Darrin and Tony that they referred me to All Pro Dad as they put it “we knew her talents, heart and that she would be the perfect fit for All Pro Dad in the open position.” Well thanks from the bottom of my heart 1million times over again ladies for that along with your continued friendship. I had the opportunity to make some new contacts in Eugene at Walt Disney World, Michelle at Telmundo, Jessica the Photographer, and catching back up with Linda Perry, while ensuring Oldsmar Dignitaries rubbed elbows with Coach.

My day was even more awesome as Sweet Berry Wine (George) was there along with Jonathan which was so great to see them both but I missed Vicki Games; Daniel and Jeremy would have made the day complete.

It was a great event on Driving Innovations through Diversity and I learned a lot on different cultures, traditions, work ethics and purchasing facts. Proof you never know too much keep an open mind and learn while you grow!

As always the day ended with pics then autographing items for all attendees. I knew I might be in trouble when Coach was autographing items and I grabbed a fresh marker to ensure the pics being autographed could be easily visible … of course you know me I apologized as soon as I realized what I did as the ole Brenda mode kicked in to just getting the job done, sorry Jordan again.

So great to serve such a humble, giving, believer and well know person like Coach but like I told him I miss helping with their kids as we all so often did when Coach would come into All Pro Dad Family First offices. Good time, good memories, new memories and more fun in the future. I just wanted to blog – share my excitement – whatever you want to call it as this is one of the top days in 2014 for me.

Until next time keep it Real … REAL FUN that is and remember it’s more fun to give than to receive so try it! FUN FUN FUN … Real Fun, Brenda 🙂