How Bout Some FUN

Did you have some fun this weekend?

That might sound odd but in todays society, we tend to plow through the week of work, school, community commitments, kids, caring for others and forget to plan an activity or two for the sole purpose of recharging our burnt out batteries.

Life is too short and takes so much of us every day that each of us need to find someone to agree to ask each other that question weekly. Make it a Monday or Wednesday or Friday question but find one person that you can be real with and make sure you hold them accountable for doing something fun weekly or daily.

There is alot of fun to be had out there whether it is playing tennis, golf, beach day, doggie park, jogging, swimming, painting, dancing, social activities, art gallery, board games, movies, football games, hockey games, or just enjoying your fire pit with friends along with a nice bottle of wine. What ever you call fun make sure you do something fun at least one day this week and every week moving forward.

Remember Everyone is going through something so quit talking about why they act how they act and start asking how can I help them be less stressed and make one hour of their day FUN … it might even help you feel better.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and find your one person to hold you FUN Accountable! 🙂