here are a few of the 2018 Rooftop “Gatsby” Party or see them all at











ALL 2017 ROOFTOP PARTY PICTURES are on our Facebook Page but here are a few



ONE TIME THANK YOU – Clearwater Threshers Game

JULY box A   JULY box C

JULY box B    JULY Box D

2016 Rooftop Party Picture HIGHLIGHTS … All Pics can be found at under Album 2016 Rooftop Party

DSC_0517 DSC_0261

DSC_0398  DSC_0445

DSC_0002 - Copy DSC_0003

DSC_0153   DSC_0155

2015 Student & Parent Scholarship Pics:

2015 F 2015 I  2015 A  2015 E  2015 Shep  2015 ProgramCover  JelloChopsticks 2015 ProgramInsideOldsmar Gang  DSC_0118

(53)   (67)  (81)

CandaceJames RECEPT  Candace KISS

Greek Parthanon  VivBrenda BGoddessesGreece Night View

BangkokB BangkokE  BangkokA

Kowloon HongKongKowloon Hotel

ChickFilA Dwarf HouseMorrison-20130904-00695

MU Brenda  IMG-20130827-00638

IMG-20130430-00276 BrendaZiplinning

Vineyard  Clearwater-20130610-00413 Lunch Gang 8.29.13 Vineyard

IMG-20130428-00260   IMG-20130430-00276

Chile & Uruguay April May 2013 174   IMG-20130504-00330

IMG_1110     IMG-20130504-00333

IMG-20130502-00302   IMG-20130504-00334

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