WELCOME to o2b Fun, Inc.  We are a 501-c-3 not for profit, female owned, education foundation that provides educational scholarships to eligible  Florida students.   Scholarships are provided by funds that are raised in our Annual Signature events: “Rooftop Suitcase Party;” “Reds, Whites & Jazzy Blues,” and ABCD Banquet with our signature “UN” Auction, which allows anyone to bid on auction packages that are posted on-line, by simply using your Smart Phone, Laptop or Computer.  The auctions items will appear at the following website the week of the event, which occurs the first week of December: https://www.myminiauction.com/o2bfuninc 

We provide Educational Scholarships to Florida College bound students based on need and/or merit. We also grant Educational Summer Camp Scholarships to students based on need and/or merit, to keep them scholastically engaged during summer months. Our Scholarships are awarded at the annual Student & Parent Scholarship Party which takes early June!  In addition in mid September we grant Cash Educational Scholarships to schools for special programs such as classroom needs; bullying programs, etc.   Thank you for your support and please like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/o2bfuninc/  

Rooftop LOGO  2015StudentParentLOGO

ABCD .2  redwhitejazzyblues-use-logo


Please know that as a sponsor of o2b Fun, Inc, you will; reach the affluent Tampa Bay Market, Expose your product to a consumer who loves travel, culture, new experiences in dining out all while mixing different generations with different cultures.  Expose your product to 10+ Tampa Bay Schools students and their families, not only the underprivileged.  Your sponsorship each year will benefit through: publicity, social media and your business promotion for tax purposes.  Our intentions are to exceed each year’s results Thanks to our Sponsors!   Acknowledgements:     “I have had the privilege to work with Brenda for many years through one of my supported charities of choice and am happy to support her not for profit organization where I know Brenda will show her servant heart in helping students,”                  Tony Dungy 5-19-2014“                                               It is with pleasure that I support o2b Fun, Inc as Brenda has always supported The Ryan Nece Foundation in both donations and attendance.” Ryan Nece 5-22-2014

OUR SIGNATURE EVENT YouTube Videos:       2016 ROOFTOP PARTY Television Commercial:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrWK9sU1JkY

2016 Rooftop Party NIGHT OF EVENT VIDEO LIVE:  https://www.facebook.com/o2bfuninc/videos/vb.1379700395653873/1570953073195270/?type=3&theater

Incorporated on August 17, 2014 with the Support and backing of Retired Coach Tony Dungy and Ryan Nece as one of their “Charity of Choice.”  Please be sure to check out our ABOUT and STUDENT pages for more details!  Please know that we also accept gently used laptops; iPads; Cell Phones and office equipment that can be gifted to those in need and/or any donations you wish to provide!  For more than 20 years while working in the event business world, the name “o2b Fun, Inc.” has been our hearts desire to help Florida Students.  Working in the not for profit business since 1986 as Vice President of Events with companies such as: March of Dimes Birth, Upper Tampa Bay Chamber, Mainstream Sports Media, Accenture Reston, Clearwater Regional Chamber and All Pro Dad is where Brenda gains her contacts, experience, knowledge and expertise

Thanks and … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂  Brenda



Attached here in PDF format as well on Both “About” and “Contact/Help” pages in complete printed form.  Respectfully provided o2b Fun, Inc.     LEGAL INFO for WEBSITE

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