Double Hit & Double Play

Today I am EXCITED to talk about a “double hit/double play” whatever verbiage you wish to call it … 🙂 hahaha

Nanette Rays 2013  Rays Winner 2013

o2b Fun had two different raffle Events where you could win tickets for Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees Baseball game at Tropicana Field and the photos are above … not only was it a double hit for two BIG Winners but one of the Winners also won a Random Seat number pulling for CHICK-FIL-A goodies for her entire Section!  Way to Go Nanette … whooooo! 

Personally I can’t think of anything better than getting to see the Rays vs. Yankees but then to get CHICK-FIL-A goodies also, all I can Say is AWESOMENESS!  Thank You Tampa Bay Rays, VP Rick for six (6) years of support from Tampa’s #1 Baseball Team to o2b Fun Events!

I need to also mention the Clearwater Florida Chick-Fil-A store on Gulf-To-Bay, Manager Ronnie who also donated Food Coupons to the events and also have supported o2b Fun Events since 1996, now that’s commitment and I am so grateful to CHICK-FIL-A!

Thank you to every one who attended and supported my events!  Watch for the next time you can win at o2b Fun Events!

Thank You to our Supporters = Tampa Bay Rays and Chick-Fil-A, you both ROCK in my world and not just because you support me it’s because we Both support each other throughout the year!

As always until next time, keep it REAL … Real FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

ChickFilA Dwarf House

Nationwide Free Birthday “stuff”

Well my personal email box is starting to fill up with “Annual Birthday freebies” and I am again reminded that not every one knows about the local or Nationwide Businesses that Celebrate YOU.  SO with that said I wanted to share the Freebie’s … First don’t forget to be at Savoy South Largo Dance Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 7 p.m. for my birthday Celebration … NO Gifts Just Dance with me!

Until next time and I lose you scrolling down this page that has OVER 550 Links to Freed Food/Drink/Dessert/etc. … keep it Real, Real FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

Click on Each Blue Link that you want to register for YOUR Free then complete the required fields, then just before your birthday in your Email Box will come your coupon to print out and Enjoy Your Birthday FREEBIE’S!

FOR COMPLETE LIST Look on top of Home Page for tab “FUN STUFF” … I moved the List September 1, 2013 because this is soooo long 🙂

Restaurant Annual FUN

Gearing up for the next Annual Restaurant Celebration, will be Columbia 1905 Roll Back Day, set for Sunday, September 22, 2013 and sorry it’s for the Florida Residents as this is done at all five (5) of their Florida Restaurants.

Unlike COW Appreciation Day, with Chick-Fil-A which is Nationwide … Hold Columbia 1905 Days for a few … COW Appreciation Day is something that I have done for the past four (4) years and always look forward to painting my white t-shirt with black cow spots, donning on Chick-Fil-A online printed hooves, nose, cow tail and sandwich board to laugh with and have a FUN FUN FUN Packed day with Chick-Fil-A. WHAT you have never heard of or done … well between Oldsmar/Upper Tampa Bay Chamber and Vicki (GAMES GRIMES) I would not have heard of either. Once a year in July NATIONWIDE, Chick-Fil-A gives away FREE Breakfast, FREE Dinner and FREE Supper … IF YOU ARE DRESSED as a cow, heck they even provide free online the patterns, all you need to do is purchase a white t-shirt and using felt/magic marker/whatever your own cow spots, print out the other pieces and put it all on … drive to your local Chick-Fil-A and walk up to the counter. NUF SAID … besides you will be AMAZED at how many other people, kids and even babies come to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day. Mark you 2014 calendar now to watch for this or simply sign up online for daily emails from Chick-Fil-A and they will remind you.  Easy Peasy 🙂 and this year I even got the Hubbs to dress up … Fully Dress Up he enjoyed it so much he went to the window and moo’ed … hilariously FUN!

CowDay 2013

BACK to Columbia Days for the Florida peeps … once a year Columbia Restaurant has a select dinner, dessert, beverages and sangria all rolled back to the Prices from 1905. YOU BETTER Get there early as No Reservations and No Take out but it has become a Family Tradition with us. Get there early enjoy a few Sangria’s while we wait then enjoy a GREAT Dinner and never spend more than $10 for two people … FUN FUN FUN and well worth the wait.

On Sunday, Sept. 22, all five Columbia Restaurants Roll back their prices for THE 1905 Day to celebrate the 108th ANNIVERSARY of Florida’s oldest restaurant, owned and operated by fourth and fifth generation founding family members.

So what is the Menu you ask, it’s my pleasure to share, THE 1905 Day Is Sunday, September 22, 2013, it’s from noon until 7:00 p.m. guests will enjoy the Columbia Restaurant’s world-famous Spanish cuisine for the prices they might have paid in the Good ole days.

Menu items include:
Chicken & Yellow Rice Ybor – $2.95
Boliche (eye round of beef) – $2.95
Merluza Russian Style – $2.95
Columbia’s Original 1905” Salad – $1.95 (ORDER 2 … just say’en!)
Spanish Bean or Cuban Black Bean Soup: cup – 50 cents or bowl 75 cents
Sangria Glass – 95 cents
Sangria Pitcher – $4.95
Flan – 50 cents
Richly brewed American coffee – Five (5) cents
Soda’s – 10 cents
REMINDER, on this day only, reservations are not accepted, and take-out items are not available.

Hope you all go out enjoy and make it FUN FAM day … until then keep it Real, Real Fun that is 🙂 Brenda

Big Fun

BIG Time Me

BIG FUN in the Tampa Bay Area these few weeks we have been home. Great mix of happenings as well my “task list” look something like this:

1. Create Successful “Africa” fundraiser for BFF Pamela Burget
2. Shephard’s Beach Resort stay (another one of our FAV places) and Crab Legs on Friday Night
3. Enjoy Sunday Games with the Best Son in the Entire World, he’s my Handsome Sunshine
4. Celebrate My BEAUTIFUL Daughter (in-law) Birthday at Columbia on Sand Key with both Families
5. Stay at Pier House 60 in our “honeymoon suite” again for Memory Sake
6. Take items to Plato’s Closet Palm Harbor
7. Re-visit my Southwest Buddy … da best Airline to use!
8. Meet with the Girls Night for our Monday Night out at The PALM TAMPA with my BFF’s: Frona/Cris/Terri/Vivian
9. Attend the Best Church Ever Countryside Christian Center
10. COW APPRECIATION DAY in Florida – If you have Never done this PLEASE try it in 2014 it’s so much Fun and you will be surprised how many people print the FREE download cow costumes and attend this Nationwide Event … THE BEST FUN of the SUMMER!
11. Be a help to Helping Hands Food Pantry (part of Countryside Christian Center)
12. Manage part of the Kilgore’s Beach Wedding and make their Wedding Fan Programs
13. Plan a Second Surprise Birthday Party for My Young Sister-In-Law, Amy
14. Research travel plans for Greece; Hong Kong; Singapore; Thailand; and New Zealand
15. Put together a Memorial for Gary Walker (not predicted or on the original list)
16. MOST IMPORTANT – have my “daily devo’s” with Abbey in our back yard!

Now I still have outstanding things to do before heading away:
Visit FAMILY FIRST for Hugs and Updates to every one
BIG Foundation Year End Gala complete planning, invitations/etc to be done for January 2014 Event (grateful I can work from computer anywhere) and to get to work with “Stars!”

It has been a different summer for me and even though I am SO BLESSED to be in this part of my life, it will sound crazy but I so miss going into work every day, socializing and being part of a Big Team. LOVE TEAM GEANAKOS though just different and I’m still getting use to it … ok no haters please now 🙂

Enjoyed connecting with my Friends and long time Business Sponsors to which I need to give another SHOUT OUT TO so be sure to visit or use them OFTEN:
Southwest Airlines
The Palm Tampa
Shephard’s Beach Resort
GrillSmith Countryside
Pier House 60
Sandpearl Resort
Safety Harbor Spa
Applebee’s Safety Harbor
HOPE I didn’t forget anyone … if so I’ll re-edit 🙂

Thus the reason for this photo of me relaxing in an oversized chair with my Chardonay … thanks for following, thank for input and as always until next time

Keep it REAL … REAL FUN That is 🙂 Brenda

What’s Next

Reading and Researching for the next adventures in our lives lead me to New Zealand and Thailand studies but of course we will be starting with SouthWest Airlines for any of “our traveling needs!” 🙂

My cousin was married (another person that died well before his time at age 40, Mike Duffy) to a New Zealand beautiful and sweet lady who always talked about home along with sharing photos. Cheryl is back in New Zealand and that means visiting not only Family but a new Country. New Zealand is a stable, first-class, highly-developed country. It’s a stunningly beautiful place with lots to do, Family, great Wine (sold!) and I am told wonderful people!

New Zealand also offers great offshore Trust accounts similar to Cook Island and New Zealand has the simpliest and most widely recognized trusts … So I Am Told! Their trusts cannot be dictated by your home country government as a trust in New Zealand is a security device such as a scowling dog protecting your privacy with an incredibly valuable asset protection. Their offshore trust accounts are completely protects you from your home country government’s taxes upon your death, great for the kiddo’s protection! As long as you follow their foreign trust rules you will have zero blowback from any government tax authority, banks or brokers but be sure to report to your home government their requirements to protect yourself and the kiddo’s! Also good to know New Zealand has a solid privacy law so you only disclose the trust existance, date of settlement, trust name and contact details. Income that is courced outside of New Zealand is totally tax-free for a properly structured trust and has no capital gains taxes, inheritant or forced heirshop taxes … attractive I’d say!

Thailand briefing now, well I’ve always Loved the Orient. I’ve been to Hong Kong and did not want to leave simply because I could find my shoe size without going to any “children’s department,” no kidding serious biz! 🙂

Thailand is the worlds fastest growing economic region where you can find reasonable food, shelter/housing, along with Fun Night Life! Thailand offers high standards of living, excellent education for the Kiddo’s, healthcare options with great experience. Check out the airfare through Air Asia or Tiger we are told they are quite inexpensive as well a great airline. Thailand uses it’s own money called the “Baht” which is printed and used in Thailand so be prepared to exchange your American dollar or Euro as they will not be accepted here!

Some of my followers are interested in Visa potential and in Thailand you have two choices:
A – Dependent Visa this is where your Kiddo’s can help you! Enroll your child (any under age 15) into an Approved School, Provide their birth certificate to prove you are their parent/guardian, Show proof of Bank Account in Thailand, Show proof of housing and you can now apply for a Dependent Visa. FYI – Any Child under age 15 in their Approved School automatically becomes a Citizen with their own Visa. OR
B – Retirement Visa of Non Immigrant O-A Long Stay (Must be 50 years or older) so bring your Passport, Clean FBI/Police report from your home government, TM.6 Card, Proof of residence in Thailand, Health Screening completed, Three (3) 4×6 photos of yourself, Have Bank account of $26,000 per couple from the Thailand Bank and start your visa. NOTE – all visa’s must be renewed Annually. Thailand is a Great, Safe and Educationally sound place to live while raising your kids.

As always this is Only Food for Thought … Until next time, keep it Real … REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

Making it “Right”

Yesterday was a tough day for many of us Friends of Gary Walker as we held a Memorial to say our last “Good-Bye’s”

This was an unexpected death and I know many of you have gone through this but at the time it’s so tough, we all want just that one last time to say I Love You, You Mean alot to Me, Thank You for giving into my life, One more Big Hug, just two (2) more minutes to catch up but most important things to the gang I was with is “I’m sorry for anything I might have said or done to harm our frienship,” then “are you right with your maker?”

Gary was a very dear friend, he always wanted to make people laugh, he was such an encourager, loved the Lord, committed to his friends, photographer, insurance agent, karaoke singer, dancer, party host, group organizer, leader, friend, brother, husband, family man … you know just one of those Good Guys that was always there for everyone.

Personally Gary always encouraged me and accepted me as I am which is nearly impossible in today’s world. Only one time in five (5) years did Gary and I have disagreement and that lasted about three (3) weeks then when we ran into each out at Savoy South Largo Community Dance we sat took time to ask each other for forgivness and all was well again. Gary stated how refreshing it is to have someone forgive you But even if they don’t accept your forgivness that is between them and God it’s not on the person asking for forgivness, once you ask for someone’s forgivness it’s on them as to how they handle it.

Two weeks before Gary passed we were told at his Memorial he was calling people stating “I’m tired of fighting the cancer battle and I just want to go home, please know I love you and please forgive me.” This was shared with us by his Sunday School Teacher & Friend, Ron as well message from his ex-wife. FUNNY thing is cancer Is Not what killed Gary he went into the hosptial for “outpatient surgery,” developed infection and lived only three (3) short days without ever waking up to say ‘Good-Bye’ to anyone not even his Family … Appreciate Today and tell those you truly Love how you feel about them. Stealing the famous commercial “Just Do It!”

Let’s face it we are each one “wonderfully and uniquely made!” No one is like you or me and personally I don’t want anyone to be exactally like me! Each of Us have a unique purpose in life and we cannot accomplish someone else’s tasks in the grand picture.

Thus the real reason behind me writing this today, I want to Publically ask for Forgivness to anyone out there that I might have said or done something offensive to, but then on the other hand you that know me know I will be calling, texting or emailing to ask for forgivness.

Life is too short and the past week the death of our Brother & Friend, Gary Walker brought this to light as a new fresh reminder. Age is No Respector of Person and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, heck not even the rest of today. Make sure you have your “ducks in a row,” have made peace with others as well as your God.

Thank you so much to Ron & Mac of Mirror Image Class for putting together the event yesterday! Thank you to John Kilgore for your Musical Talents as we honored Gary in songs. Thank You to all the FRIENDS that attended and the fellowship, jokes and laughter afterwards as Gary would have wanted it to be upbeat and fun.

Gary Walker5

Until next time, make it right, make it REAL FUN … Brenda

The “Penthouse”

Well I don’t know about you but I have never stayed in a “penthouse” in my life, alot of nice hotels that I can now say from “around the world,” but this Penthouse is AWESOMENESS!!! Comparing ‘the penthouse,’ to places I have stayed including a four star condo Chile, doesn’t compare to this Florida Local.

One of my dear hotel friends gave me two night at her hotel Penthouse and I did not want to leave, the Hubbs kept saying we could be squatters and make them kick us out. All joking aside the Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach is not ANY typical Holiday Inn that you might be thinking of, that Penthouse is a MUST SEE!

Seriously ask the front desk if anyone is in their Penthouse and if it’s not booked, ask if you can take a tour. Trust me you will be saving your pennies for a “at home Florida Treat/Retreat” to yourself sometime in 2013 or 2014. Oh yes don’t forget to eat at Jimmy’s Fish House great food, great ocean view and LIVE Bands Nightly.

On a side note, this same owners runs both the Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach and the new Pier House 60, the one across from Pier 60 with the Great ROOF TOP Bar/Restaurant, inland view another great experience the Hubbs and I enjoyed on our Honeymoon … oops this is a whole new story, funny one infact.

If you run into the Beautiful “C Lady,” as I call her tell her we sent you. Until I get to experience another Penthouse this one needs to be on everyone’s ‘bucket list.’

Until next time, keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is, Brenda