Happy Thanksgiving


Today I wish Every One an AWESOME, Blessed, Family/Friend oriented day.  Reflect on all you have to be thankful for and save the complaints for tomorrow.  Remember you are alive and blessed more than others.  You question that just look around you.

Thankful for My Handsome Husband that I LOVE!  My Awesome/Loving Son Nate and Beautiful/Loving/Talented Daughter (in law) Catie.  Thankful that Both of my Parents William and Anna Hatfield are here for me to talk with daily.  Thankful for my Rock of a Sister Diana; Brothers Paul and Bill Jr along with all the Nieces/Nephews and Great Nieces/Nephews.  Thankful for Eugene; Darlene; and Jennifer!  Grateful for how I was raised and how to date my parents love us unconditionally while letting us make our own decisions with no lectures no pressure and no secrets etc.

Thankful for my Handsome Husbands family:  Sweet/Caring Paula and Charlie Phillips along with their family; Sweet/Giving Tina Rose along with her family and Sweet/Giggling Amy/Joe Flynt along with their family … also Welcome for His First Thanksgiving Ever COOPER RAE FLYNT.

May the remainder of 2014 be as Awesome as each and every one of you are.  May all our 2015 be filled with all our dreams coming true then full of Life, Health and Prosperity.

NOW bring on the Turkey Dinner and remember to set your scales back 10 pounds tonight LOL for we all shall diet next week.

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂  just brenda

They call it ME TIME


Hot off the press and sounds awesome to me the Divalicious Red Wine Shake … say what, yes you heard me right Red Wine Shake!!

For guests 21 and over Red Robin has created the Adult Only Shake with Red Wine, Whipped Vodka, Raspberry Puree and Creamy Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream. Now I do not drink much at all but this sounds like something I must try. Then they top it off with a FREE wine charm just to remember the event.

So the down side of course is these Divalicious Shakes have 1047 calories and 21-44 grams of fat … oh well tis the season that is what I am claiming.  Cost will run you about 8 dollars or try their Baileys Irish Cream Shake.

OK on the real reason for the season is of course the Celebration of Jesus Birth and sharing His Love by giving to others.

What is your HOT new off the press item you really want this year … anyone??

Until next time, keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is – Brenda 🙂




Excited to share the updates on March 5, 2015 Rooftop Party


Thank You NIELSEN for being our Venue Sponsor so we can really make this a “Rooftop Party” with an Awesome View for all attendees!

Thank You SOUTHWEST AIRLINES for your Awesome Ticket Donation!

Thank You HOTEL FUSION in San Fran, CA for the Awesome Fly Away Prize!

Thank You HARBOUR GRAPHICS for your Awesome Talent in assisting in Event Logo and Event Posters which will be available in late December!   YES NEW FOREVER LOGO is coming – Thanks to Talented Lisa Collins of Harbour Graphics!

Keep your eyes watching here for more details as they will be posted here and Keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Brenda 🙂

You just never know

So as my Grandfather Carl Hatfield use to say about … you never know what Brenda may do – Brenda may and Brenda May Not.  SO MAKE IT FUN has forever been my motto as life is just entirely too short!

I even try to make challenges fun so recently I asked eight of my close friends to assist with PRIZES to be awarded for the top two winners in helping me grow my facebook page. Within three days our likes went from 171 to 249 an the top two WINNERS are Pamela Burget and Catherine Knoth! YAHOOIE!!!

PLUS I decided to send a thank you Restaurant gift card to HOPE DALEY as she was our 250th person to like our page which is half way to our goal. WHAT you have not checked it out … well go here https://www.facebook.com/o2bfuninc?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Thank You All and you never know when I might “email” to ask your work address to mail you a WINNING restaurant gift card!


ROOFTOP PARTY coming together very nicely and all the food, bevs (beverages) and resorts stepping up to the plate. EXCITED and starting December 15th we will post all the resorts  confirmed along with all sponsors thatar e confirmed!  For Now thank you to NIELSEN for being our Venue Sponsor as we are using their ROOF TOP View this year PARTY!

How Bout Some FUN

Did you have some fun this weekend?

That might sound odd but in todays society, we tend to plow through the week of work, school, community commitments, kids, caring for others and forget to plan an activity or two for the sole purpose of recharging our burnt out batteries.

Life is too short and takes so much of us every day that each of us need to find someone to agree to ask each other that question weekly. Make it a Monday or Wednesday or Friday question but find one person that you can be real with and make sure you hold them accountable for doing something fun weekly or daily.

There is alot of fun to be had out there whether it is playing tennis, golf, beach day, doggie park, jogging, swimming, painting, dancing, social activities, art gallery, board games, movies, football games, hockey games, or just enjoying your fire pit with friends along with a nice bottle of wine. What ever you call fun make sure you do something fun at least one day this week and every week moving forward.

Remember Everyone is going through something so quit talking about why they act how they act and start asking how can I help them be less stressed and make one hour of their day FUN … it might even help you feel better.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and find your one person to hold you FUN Accountable! 🙂