Hockey is right if you are asking is that what she is writing about, as the Tampa Bay Lightning are in the Playoff toward the STANLEY CUP what better time than now for Every One to BE THE THUNDER!


Lightning is on the Road to the Stanley Cup with 13 of 16 wins to go!  Hot News for today is Game 7 against the Red Wings New, is about the suspension but Tampa Bay Lightning Head Coach Jon Cooper says “Nothing changes as the Lightning prepares for the do-or-die elimination game.”

Cooper says he will dress 21 players for the pregame warm-ups and make a decision immediately after whether to play 11 forwards and seven defense men or 12 forwards and six defense men in Game 7.

The Lightning have gone 12/6 all season but switched their tactics for games 4 and 6 in Detroit.  Coach Cooper stated “is the first goal the be-all end-all?  It is not it is just it has had an effect on the series of the teams that have to chase the game.”  “One thing is we have to do better is be more disciplined penalty-wise.  I think that is a big thing for use and we have to stay out of the box.”

Playoffs 2015 Tampa Bay Lightning asks …Will You Take The Pledge.  Wear BLUE, Cheer LIGHTNING and if you can GO TO THE GAME BABY!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. Amalie Arena, Tampa (Ice Palace in downtown Tampa)  Tickets can be purchased at

Maybe I will see you there … until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and Cheer on the home team! just Brenda 🙂

Lifetime Experience

Well this is definitely an experience that I will never forget see I have always had Only Bright House Networks service since arriving in Florida on 11-22-1995 and always attended all their fun customer activities.  Trust me people they have a ton every year in every area of Florida and if you don’t go then shame on you … just say’en.

Last night was Tampa Yankees Baseball Team Customer Appreciation game night.  So we arrive, get our tickets (note for Bright House customer’s free tickets and free parking) walk in to see Mrs. Bright House herself, Amy Sumerlin at her “CAD” event and get VIP Dugout treatment then get asked to represent O2B FUN, INC and throw out the first pitch of the First Home Game of the  2015 Season!

BHN Pitch  BHN Ball


Still glowing and ranting on facebook about this AWESOME opportunity my seat gets called as a winner of BHN Customer Appreciation Random Raffle Prize … I won DigiLand 7inch quad core tablet.  BIG WINNER of the night won a 34inch Color TV.  Bright House Networks thinks of everything for the Kids … or pets were 2inch baseball or 2 inch teddy bears … our lil 5 pound poodle Maggie has her own BHN Bear 🙂 LOVE how everyone is covered!

BHN Tablet   Maggie BHN

All this to say folks if you have the opportunity to attend ANY Bright House Networks Customer Appreciation events or ANY Bright House Networks events, you better go because if not then I will be there to take your prize.

Mark your calendar NOW for Friday, May 15 at 6 pm to attend the Bright House Threshers Stadium in Clearwater for the Threshers Bright House Networks Customer Appreciation game … I will see you there or I will win your prize, just say’en!  Tell Them Brenda at o2b Fun, Inc encouraged you to attend … win your won prize babe!

Until next time go find all the FUN you can … REAL FUN that is!  Just Brenda

Wacky Elephant

HERE for your Weekly Silly Fun Activity via, borrowed from somewhere in cyber space.   One Person needs to BORROW the office supply of bubble wrap and gather a variety of at least 30 types of candy!  Now start rolling one piece of candy at a time into the bubble wrap and be sure there is a lot of space between each candy.

CandyBubbleWrap A    CandyBubbleWrap B

Gather the Office Gang or Family Gang to start this FUN, Oh Yes Did I mention when you unwrap the Bubble Wrap Candy Ball you must be wearing latex gloves, yes just to add a another level of silliness and of course you are on a 30 second time limit

Each person unwrap for 30 seconds THEN they must pass onto the next person.  Any candy you get while you have the Bubble Wrap Candy Ball is Yours.

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is just Brenda 🙂


Happening 2015 the Board of Directors and o2b Fun, Inc are honored to announce that we will start in 2015 with a Scholarship Named after Michael Sheppard as the “SHEP AWARD.”  This will be awarded in Honor of one taken too soon in life and the award will be a Technical Scholarship Grant from our education foundation to college student who applies annually.

Michael Sheppard  SKILLZ!!

Michael Sheppard, my friend, a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a friend to all, a hard worker, fun, genuine, caring, loyal, eager to learn and above all an awesome young man that at age 29 is suddenly gone from us.  On Friday, April 19 there was a business explosion in Tarpon Springs that took the life of my friend, and one of my youth students from when I attended First Baptist Church, Mr. Michael Sheppard.  We will never understand why God chose to take Michael so soon but we know that God’s plan is so above what our minds can comprehend.

Michael was: silly and fun, yet hard working and giving, yet loyal to his family and friends, yet genuine and true blue, yet a man’s man, yet heart of gold and always caring for others, yet giving all he had and making everyone around him laugh, yet my favorite memory is that Michael loved Cotton Eye Joe and the RoundUp will never be the same!

We all hold fond memories of Michael so the Board of Directors and o2b Fun, Inc a not for profit education foundation want to keep His Memory plus His Name alive … may you live on in the SHEP AWARD my young friend!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and never quit learning!  just brenda

FF (Friday Fun)

Happy Friday and it is not too late to make it a Fun Friday Afternoon at work … think of it this way it will be 15-30 minutes away from your work day along with time away from your desk.  YEA BABY!

One person take a few minutes to pull 20 plus pictures local to your area, celebrities, restaurants, etc then print them out.  At the bottom of each pic put in Big Red a Number of each pic.



Now display throughout the office area and at the same time give each person 15 minutes LIMIT to write their answer down.  Person with most correct at end of the 15 minute time frame wins … wins what you ask.  Well ideally I would go for the rest of the day off … hahahaha!  But that has to be up to your work budget and the Boss sense of humor as it can be a candy bar, soda, water but if you do get that half day off maybe ask for the person putting this together to also get the half day off … after all you are the new Office Friday Fun Action Person!

Idea is just a little break from the Friday work, great mental break to make the team feel some Friday Fun Love and as always keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is most especially at work.  See you next week with a FUN Idea! Brenda

2015 Scholarships

Happy April 14 … almost tax day tomorrow but we at o2b Fun, Inc are excited to announce the Beginning of our 2015 Scholarship winners as follows:

College Funding = Timothy Sandmeyer; Hans Chehaiber; Nielsen event to benefit Children Home of Tampa and One student from Derrick Brooks Foundation.  NOTE – all College funding for 2015 has been met.

Middle School Funding = Abigail Barajas; Maxwell Ciciera; and openings for two others to be announced.  NOTE – we have two more grants to be awarded by May 30, 2015!

As you can see it’s not too late to get your application in for the 8th Grade Middle Schoolers to attend a Florida Educational Summer Camp.

Also for Summer 2015 we are providing two additional grants as follows:  Make Them Matter and Helping Hand/Countryside Cares Food Pantry!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

Application is online at to download, complete and either mail or return via email to

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and never quit learning!

Off Ground Day

Wacky Weekly Work FUN activity!


A little childish and potentially outrageous is this Off Ground Tag game.  Especially difficult to play, workers must use their wits and work together in order to keep their feet off the floor during the whole morning at work!

Transportation is provided via the comfort of your office wheely chair!  Lunch time is the end as I would hate to see someone try driving or walking the area in their wheely office chair!

Anywhere you travel during this day you must keep your feet firmly planted on your office wheely chair legs never the ground by using the wheels to maneuver around the office, to meetings, to the copy room and yes event into the bathroom … your awesome office wheely chair can be left in the hallway of the bathroom area.  JUST be sure to keep it a safe distance for other awesome office wheely chairs!

The FUN lies in catching your co workers with their feet firmly on the ground as they wheel around the office.  Come up with something silly and fun for those caught … Maybe they become chauffeurs for the remainder of the day to the other office co workers who played by the rules.

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is

Friday Celebration

Well it’s Passover or Good Friday and Easter is one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar, celebrated throughout the world with great pomp and show.  Things such as Easter eggs, bunnies, egg hunts and chocolate those are common to Easter celebrations all over the world.

bunnies2    Easter

From North to South and East to West we find a tingle of local flavor in Easter celebrations in various countries across the globe and here are some interesting activities of Easter from US, Australia, Europe, Mexico and other Nations.

Greece = Known for practicing religious fervor through Orthodox Christianity, Greece observes Easter as its religious festivity according to the Ancient Greek Calendar which can be different from the American Easter but sometimes Greek Easter falls on the same day.

USA = Easter is one of the most popular festivals across the US and though Easter has a religious background it is assumed to have more of a secular character in the USA.

India = India is a land of cultural diversity where festival is celebrated with show even though their Christian constitutes a meager 2.5% of their total population.

Europe = Easter is celebrated in many countries of Europe by lighting giant bonfires on hilltops and in churchyards on Easter Eve!

England = Easter is celebrated through exchange of Easter Eggs and gifts like clothes, chocolates or holiday packages like Easter Bonnets or baskets filled with daffodils!

Germany = Easter is known by the name of Ostern and lasts about three weeks starting with Good Friday!

Australia = here the land of people belong to a number of countries and different people have brought in their different traditions with them and takes place in a major variety of ways.

Mexico = Semana Santa and Pascua which are two separate observances form a part of their Easter celebrations.  Semana Santa stands for the entire Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.  Pascua is observance of the period of time from Resurrection Sunday to the following Saturday.

Brazil = Easter festivity is held with much grandeur and splendor.  Brazil has its Easter celebrations taking place in the autumn season due to its geographical location.

France – Historical country celebrates Easter with enthusiasm and zeal known as Paques in France it is one of their major festivals.

Italy = Dominated by the Christian faith, Italy celebrates Easter with great fanfare known as Pasqua the entire country has fun with games and concerts!

Norway = Norway starts early a day before the commencement of the Lent season with a day known as Vastelavent where they start celebrating the upcoming festival occasion, spring and their new working year.

Sweden = Easter is a religious occasion that is celebrated with glory the grandeur of festivals is seen from the fact that a week before Easter the Entire Country revels in Easter festivals and shops decorated with festive symbols.

Switzerland = Easter calls for a time to celebrate and rejoice the resurrection of Jesus in all parts of their world.

Canada = Easter is a major festival and celebrated with magnificence and elaboration.  It is a time for attending church and spending quality time with family or friends.

New Zealand = Easter becomes more secular over the years as their festival is more about chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits.  People assume the holiday to be a lovely weekend.

Israel = Thousands of pilgrims and tourists travel from across the world to Israel to celebrate the Holy Festival of Easter in the Holy Land of Jerusalem.  Holy fire lights and candles symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ here.

Hungary = Easter is celebrated with folk traditions such as the fact that Easter eggs are considered to be more of a decorative items and Easter is more of a Festival.

Jewish Passover = Celebration Passover as a commemoration of their liberation by God from slavery in Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses.  It commemorates the story of the Exodus as described in the Hebrew bible and the Book of Exodus.  Passover commences on the 15th of the Hebrew month of Nisan and lasts for seven or eight says with Passover meal and other celebrations.

However you celebrate just remember to Celebrate God the creator of all who has risen Indeed and make it FUN … until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN of course 🙂  Brenda