ALS -or- ACS

Two Meanie Heads in One!  Unlike the Doublemint Gum song I grew up singing, “double your pleasure double your fun with doublemint gum” see how easily I am sidetracked now back to the blog.  All that to say it is time to gear up for the Only Two organizations that personally I back and that is because of Family!

WE NEED YOU … without wonderful people we cannot affect these two meanie heads!

ALS better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease struck our family about five years ago now and excited to say my Handsome Cousin is still fighting a good fight as we celebrate daily with him (from afar for me that is!)  Annually I do fundraising for this and send to the Green

Bob Duffy photo 9.2012

ACS better known as Relay for Life American Cancer Society where this year I get to be Team Lead (of course I add my social media in here) in honor of my Grand Parents Hatfield and Grand Mother Bowman.

2016 promo

This is YOUR public invite to attend the Kick-Off Party set for this Monday, August 31, 2015 at 6 p.m. at Holiday Inn Oldsmar for the ACS Relay for Life = Oldsmar/Safety Harbor event.   FLYER Attached for your perusal and I truly hope to see y’all there!

Until next time keep up the good fight and keep it REAL … REAL FUN as life is too short for anything else!   just Brenda 🙂


Yes that one word describes what I say when I really mean any compliment.  Not that surprises most of you it’s kinda like my tagline just Brenda or onward through the fog … these are things I say a lot with full sincerity!

Awesome CalmPic  Awesome Snoopy

So today, I wanted to just let each of YOU my AWESOMENESS blog followers know that I Truly Appreciate each of YOU!  Thank you for following us and supporting our Florida education not for profit organization!         Please know that to me You Are simply:

  1. You are simply stunning.
  2. You astonish me.
  3. You’re a glitter bomb of glory!
  4. Your genius would be alarming, if it wasn’t so consistent.
  5. You’re a marvel.
  6. You’ve blinded me with your knowledge.
  7. You just revived my faith in humanity!
  8. I want to orbit around your splendor like a satellite.
  9. You redefine … divine!
  10. I want to Xerox everything you say, and fax it straight to my cortex.
  11. You’re a polished opal in a pewter world.
  12. You’re luminous.
  13. You’re all that and a bag of kale chips. (My FAV)
  14. You remind me of what Possible is like.
  15. You blow my mind like a Cat 5 hurricane.
  16. BOOM! Brilliance strikes again in you!!
  17. Color me enlightened thanks to you.
  18. Radiance abounds in you.
  19. You’re the genuine article.
  20. You ooze ingenuity.

So, onward through this middle of the week with All Your Awesomeness!  Until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Just Brenda 🙂

Parents Christmas

Yes I still Laugh Out Loud when I think of the famous Staples commercial where Parents are dancing in the isles as they help their kiddos search for school supplies.

Here is that YouTube link … just because I have to share!

School Restarts

In an effort to help the parents here is what we researched for various Florida Counties on the First Day of School:

Pinellas County Florida = Monday, August 24, 2015

Hillsborough County Florida = Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pasco County Florida = Monday, August 24, 2015

Hernando County Florida = Monday, August 24, 2015

Citrus County Florida = Monday, August 10, 2015 (They are Already Celebrating)

Polk County Florida = Monday, August 24, 2015

Manatee County Florida = Monday, August 24, 2015

Sarasota County Florida = Monday August 18, 2015

Hardee County Florida = Monday, August 10, 2015 (They are Already Celebrating)

Orange County Florida = Monday, August 24, 2015

Lake County Florida = Monday, August 24, 2015

Sumter County Florida = Monday, August 10, 2015 (They are Already Celebrating)

So until next time or until you get to do your own Happy Dance … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Brenda 🙂


Nuf Said … August is one of the best months to purchase necessities like clothing, shoes, school supplies, hurricane preparedness items and sometimes even appliances!   Eighteen States have weeks or weekends during the month of August when you can purchase these essentials without paying sales tax which saves you bundles!


Some states have a maximum cost for an item to be considered tax free and this information I found on which is available by clicking this link.  Here is your info on States as I found:

ALABAMA = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), computers ($750), school supplies ($50), books ($30)

CONNECTICUT = Aug. 16-22, clothing and footwear ($100)

FLORIDA = Aug. 7-16, school supplies (no limit listed), clothing ($100), supplies ($15), computers ($750)

IOWA = Aug. 7-8, clothing ($100)

LOUISIANA = Aug. 7-8 All Tangible Personal Property, which usually refers to stuff that you could take with you somewhere, such as furniture, art, clothing and household items ($2,500)

MARYLAND = Aug. 9-15, clothing and footwear ($100)

MISSISSIPPI = July 31 – Aug. 1, clothing and footwear ($100)

MISSOURI = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), computers ($3,500), school supplies ($50)

OHIO = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($75), school supplies ($20), instructional material ($20)

OKLAHOMA = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100)

SOUTH CAROLINA = Aug. 7-9, clothing (no limit listed), school supplies (no limit listed), computers (no limit listed)

TENNESSEE = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), school supplies ($100), computers ($1,500)

TEXAS = Aug. 7-9, clothing, backpacks and school supplies ($100)

VIRGINIA = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), school supplies ($20), energy star products ($2,500), hurricane preparedness items ($60), generators ($1,000)

That is all the States as listed on the link … happy shopping with tons of savings is my wish for you!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 … just Brenda 🙂


Two (2) FINALES’ going down with CONGRATS being sent this August 1.  The Power that One Person has to help One Person!  Now that’s a Win/Win Situation in my organizations book!

  1. FINALE WINNER for spreading the word on o2b Fun Facebook Page:  Newbie Liker = Paula Milgrom Bosler   Most Referrals/Current Liker = Sandy Collum Sandmeyer   B2B – Business to Business = Jessica Scotty bringing us 82 New Individual Likes!

Paula Newbie  Sandy S  Jessica Scotty BIZ Win

JUST to highlight the Month of July winners of Facebook PAGE Likes (o2b Fun Inc) were:

NEWBIE Winners – First Week Melissa Huskey; Second Week Angie Bundy; Third Week Heidi DeNeve Sandorf and Fourth Week Paula Milgrom Bosler!  YEAH YOU ALL!

Most Referrals – First Winner Pamela Burget and Second Winner Sandy Collum Sandmeyer!

Business Referrals – For the Whole Month one winner Jessica Scotty brought us 82 new likes.


Brighton Collectibles had their “Brighton Gives Back” from July 17 to July 26 which benefited our Business Women in Training program set to happen in August 2015!  We will help Ladies in the Tampa Bay area with resumes; interview skills; all while providing professional clothing and this year Brighton Collectible gently used purses!  YEAH and thank you Joanne Benigno with Brighton Collectibles International Mall Tampa!  After all Every Woman feels pretty with new clothes topped off with a Stylish Purse!


Proud to say that May and June 2015 caught o2b Fun, Inc granting 4 Middle School 8th graders with Florida Educational Summer Camp Scholarships and 4 College Bound students with Florida College Scholarship to a Florida College of their choice once in a lifetime grant.

So until next CONTEST … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is … just Brenda 🙂