Extra Mile Service 4 Real Alison

We all have people in our lives that go the “extra mile,” and those that need to learn how to just “go” serve. Anyways I try to always keep my promises and leave people better off by knowing me, spreading their business accomplishments and serving to make them look as good as they are.

This person I’d like to acknowledge here has been a Friend and Business Acquaintance since 1991 and she works for My Airline … OK my #1 choice is Airlines to fly on.

Alison with Southwest has been a friend to me and my son since 1991 ensuring he was cared for above and beyond when he flew alone. I have been a Loyal flyer since then and proudly state I have converted both the Hubbs and All Pro Dad Team to use My Airline, Southwest Airline for All Your Traveling Needs … just say’en! Besides what other airline than Southwest has Singing Stewardess, Fun Stewardess, Great Rates, On Time Schedules and Informative Pilots!

Southwest Headquarters needs to know what Alison did recently for my Husband’s best friend. While Terry was traveling in Ecuador he received a call from his home State of Oklahoma Police Department that his home had been broken into. Terry is in the Gold & Silver with Pawn so its potential crime business. Terry immediately choose to end his vacation and fly back to Miami, where he rented a car and drove to Tampa.

Alison was not working however she answered my texts then called to state she was headed to TIA to see what she could do. On Terry’s drive from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa was when I telephoned Alison to ask for any help she could provide and she went beyond the extra mile service which is so typical of Alison and every one I have encountered that works with Southwest!

Alison pulled many strings, gave extra service to already confirmed passenger to ensure Terry would get on the next plane to Oklahoma. Thank you to the “unknown passenger” and Thank You to my Business Friend Alison for providing “EXTRA MILE SERVICE,” to a very dear friend of ours but most of all Thank You SOUTHWEST Airline for employing Great People from Top to Bottom of your Company. I LUV MY SOUTHWEST!

Oh yes, to end the story when Terry arrived in Oklahoma the house was secured and police already at work. For the record, Terry flew from Oklahoma to Tampa on Southwest then all three (3) of us flew Southwest to Ft. Lauderdale as we were going to Chile.

Southwest you ARE #1 in my book … until next time, keep it REAL, Real FUN and Real by flying Southwest! BrendaSouthwest PLANE

Auction Success

So my friend Pamela is headed to Kenya with Beckah Shea Ministries leaving August 1st and it’s her first “out of the Country” trip. I am excited for her as well waiting with anticipation to see how this trip not only changes her but reaches so many Young Lives.

Pamela’s trips is for the kids of Kenya and she had three (3) weeks to “get it all together.” See Pamela was a last minute add so she had to acquire all her shots, get coverage for her employment while gone for ten (10) days and raise $3800 for this trip. Pamela came to me for planning a spaghetti dinner, auction and raffle … it was a success raising over half of her funds needed!

Anytime I have planned or worked events in my entire Event/Festival/Wedding career there are always those last minute things that pop up and this was no exception. MAJOR KUDO’S go out to Mac & Marc of Winn-Dixie Dunedin as “my local Publix,” day before the event backed out of the Manager’s commitment (it’s all good as biz is biz and friendships are friendships) but this allowed me the opportunity to find a new contact. THANK YOU WINN-DIXIE DUNEDIN!

Thus the reason for this quick “blog” as we wanted to publically thank the following Donors, Sponsors and Contributors to this last minute event. Please be sure to frequent these wonderful Companies/Businesses in your area as they really are “For the Public” and help simple people like me and Pamela with Only Two Weeks Notice!

Chick-Fil-A Tampa Bay (Heck All Chick-Fil-A’s ROCK!)
The Palm Tampa
GrillSmith Countryside Mall/Jamie
Winn-Dixie Supermarket
Sweetbay Supermarket
Countryside Christian Center
The Nielsen Company
Village Inn Pies Clearwater
Lowry Park Zoo
Bath and Body Works
Bed, Bath an Beyond
Lia Sophia Jewelry
Target Clearwater Mall
Ross Stores Palm Harbor
Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach
Thirty-One (Nanette Pluhar)
Tampa Bay Buccaneeers
All Pro Dad/Tony Dungy
o2b Fun Events
Safety Harbor Rigsby Recreational Center

Pamela Burget
Ron Burget
John Geanakos
Babe an Marilyn Anciti
Frona Elkes
Nielsen Girls: Belinda Nichol; Paula and Nancy Coiro


We will update you on the Kenya trip upon Pamela’s return, until then keep it REAL … Real FUN that is! 🙂 Brenda


Funny thing happened that I must share but for those of you that know me it won’t be a surprise as I love to give gifts.  Oh Yes the photos are from Our Wedding registration table where every one signed in with Southwest Airline Scarfs as my Table Cloth also the Whole Wedding Theme was “Travel,” that makes SouthWest a Major part of the wedding.

SW.Full Greeting   Wedding WALL

I have done about 40 some weddings over the past five (5) years and those that I consider my “close friends” are Renamed my “extended circle family,” thus getting extra wedding coordinator “perks,” with that said here is the funny thing.  December I did a Christmas “Bell and Hands,” themed wedding and which was a blast. My wedding gift for to the couple who are “extended circle family,” is two (2) Southwest Airline tickets OR $1,000 in Southwest Gift Cards toward a flight. 

We are at the Bridal Shower and the Bride starts to open gifts, she immediately asks for the one from me/us and when she opened it the Bride immediately yells out “WHOOO I am in the ‘extended family circle.'” (Personally I wrap all gift cards in 3-5 different boxes with each wrapped & tapped so it takes awhile to open the gift, just making it fun!)

She immediately calls the Groom and tells him “Baby we are lucky and we ARE in the ‘extended family circle.'” This made me belly laugh but then several of the attendees became my new besties … gotta laugh and always make it fun.

Southwest Airlines I LOVE YOU and we support you 100000% so thanks for the Excellent Service!

Until next time, fly Southwest and keep it REAL … Real FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

Savoy South

I would be remise if I did not write about our #1 FUN Activity that is a MUST in our lives when in the Tampa Bay Area (Home!) Of course, I am talking about Saturday Night Largo Dancing with “Savoy South Dance Group,” meets every Saturday Night at Largo Community Center located at 400 Alternate Keen Road, Largo, FL 33770!

Arleene or “Mrs. Right,” as she is known is the Host, DJ and Dance Instructor that makes Every Saturday night from 7-11 PM soooooooo much fun which ends up being Great Exercise too I must say! Dance lessons are given each Saturday night from 7-8 p.m. then the music starts and everyone dances. YES Every One as this is considered a “social group” and no one hits on anyone so no worries there, also most that attend are Christians with great respect to each other.

So what’s the age group you ask … very important question! The ages vary when it’s summer it’s packed with 14 year olds up to 60 somethings. When it’s “snow bird season,” you have from the 30 somethings to the 90 somethings. No matter what the age, I Guarantee you will have a Fun Fun Fun time and work off that crazy 5 pounds that you can’t seem to lose, really!

So if you are ever bored on a Saturday night, looking for something “outside your box” be sure to come to 400 Alternate Keen Road, Largo, FL 33770 from 7-11 and we will see you there but be sure to save me or John a dance with YOU! Oh yes the cost is Only $8 per person where they have a Full Bar for your beverage pleasures 🙂

Until next time … keep it REAL … Real FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

Eastern Caribbean Cruise

So our second Cruise was exactally four (4) months to the day as our Honeymoon Cruise, the Hubbs is good that this cruising thing for celebrations. We went again with our friends the Burgets’ and always have FUN with them also Molten Lava Cake is always involved 🙂

Southwest Airlines again was our ONLY Airline of choice when traveling from Tampa to Miami … just say’en 🙂

This cruise took us to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Martin for another great time. The main thing I learned on this trip is ofcourse culture, banking, economy and people all of which follows like this:

Las Vegas Baby

Well in early 2013 I took my first visit to Las Vegas, Nevada it was both business and pleasure related. Thanks to Cliff for an awesome time, training and experiencing Vegas … of course via SOUTHWEST Airline.

SouthWest Airlines in my opinion is the ONLY way to FLY in the USA for more reasons than I can quickly think of such as: Great Customer Service, Friendly Staff, Entertaining Flight Attendants, Always On Time Service, Detailed flight connections before you deplane, Great multiple snacks given, Clean bathrooms, Baggage Always Arrives and Baggage is not damaged. That’s just for starters and I’ve been or using/flying SouthWest since my son was 5 years old and he’s 25 now!

Anyways back to Vegas, it was alot of walking, climbing but very entertaining and educational. We found this great Thai restaurant near where we stayed and must say enjoyed more than three meals there, their “Spice level” for food was from 1 to 10, I only tried 7 afraid to go any higher. During the “play” time we perused as many Casino’s as we could and honestly after about 10 of them I truly cannot remember anyone one standing out other than Wynn which was very impressive to me. They had beautiful painted lights made from as well as in umbrella’s hanging upside down, that is why Wynn Las Vegas stood out to me.

Great shows as of course I Saw ELVIS … he’s alive and well in many human bodies in Vegas (hahahaha.) We also had to see “Pawn Stars, Gold & Silver Shop” up close and personal! We did not spy any ‘stars’ however the space is much smaller than television makes it appear. Still great experience and great time all the way around.

Next trip to Vegas will definately find me traveling via SouthWest Airlines but we will view the Casino’s at a slower pace and this time hopefully I won’t lose any money … just sayen’

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL Fun that is 🙂 Brenda

International Beginnings


Santiago, Chile and Montevideo, Uruguay were the stops during the past months travels that marked the “beginning of our international travels” all of which start with flying out of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale on SouthWest Airlines, so here you go:

Chile is known for Copper Mining and Farming. While it’s also Beautiful, Clean and a First Class Country this South American Country made most of the USA look not so desirable. USA is HOME for sure, but Chile has Beautiful Cities, Prestine Beaches, Great views, Desirable Condos and a very very clean area.

Uruguay is full of quaint old buildings with granite, and marble homes. Not quite as clean as Chile but still a very beautiful area with farming for working class. Punta Del Este is the Beach for Rich and Famous where Businesses/Hotels/Restaurants are only open two (2) months out of the year.

Both Cities have wonderful fish, food and produce markets every where along with the food cooked right in front of your face!

All in all we took a ton of photos and would recommend every one to take the time to visit and be sure to fly LAN out of Miami, FL … just sayen’

Until the next trip, keep it REAL … Real FUN that is, Brenda

Tribute to Audrey M – Spanish Teacher

Audrey M

I thought this might help some of you who are like me and really speak No Spanish. Thanks to Audrey M from Countryside Christian Center a very dear friend and Columbia native for all her help along with giving up her Sunday Evenings!

Few Basic Rules
No “H” sound in Spanish, Just skip over that letter when sounding out words
“J” is sounded out like American H
“LL” is sounded out like American “W”
“Que” is sounded out like American “K”

Buenos Dias = Good Morning
Buenas Tardes = Good Afternoon
Buenas Noches = Good Night/Evening
Hola = acceptable greeting of “HI”
Chao = acceptable greeting for “Goodbye”
No = No (as in No Spanish/etc.)
Caliente = Hot but for Weather, temperature, etc
Picante = Spicy food (my major mistake)
Frio = Cold for Weather, temperature, etc
Como Te Llamas = What is your name
Me llamo = My name is
De Dondes Eres = Where are you from
Norte America = this is very acceptable for “USA”
De Que Parte = Which part (they will ask you this!)
Florida = My home State which they totally understand
Estoy Visitando = We are visiting (we used this alot)
Como Esta = How are you
Bien = Good
Mal = Not Good
Mas o Menos = So So (if you say this they will ask questions so I’d suggest not using)
Mucho Gusto = Nice to meet you
Lo Mismo = Nice to meet you also
Tengo Sed = I am thirsty
Tengo Hambre = I am hungry
Cafe = Coffee
Aqua = Water
Cereal = Cereal
Avena = Oatmeal
Pancakos = Pancakes
Huevos = Eggs
Pan = Bread
Durazno = Peach
Mellon = Cantaloupe
El Mango = Mango
Pitalla = Watermellon
Manzanas = Apple
Miel = Honey
Jugo = Juice
Leche = Milk
Hongos = Mushrooms
Frijoies = Beans
Sopa = Soup
Carne = Meat (they will ask what type)
Pollo = Chicken
Cerdo = Pork
Pezcado = Fish
Salmon Pron = Salmon
Ensalada = Salad
Arroz = rice
Mantequilla = Butter
Mantequilla De Mani = Peanutbutter
Sal = Salt
Pimienta = Pepper
Aceite = Oil
Aguacate = Avacoda
Nogal = Walnuts
Almendras = Almonds
Vaso de vino = Glass of wine
La Cuenta = The Bill (for food or products purchased)
Billetes/Dinero = Bills or Money
Monedas = Coins
Vuelto = Change (back from your monies paid)
Vamos = Let’s go
Le Gusta = Do you like it (food/etc)
Me Gusta = I like it
Llame Al Doctor = Call a Doctor
Ojo = Beware
Maletas = Luggage
Papeles = Papers/Passport/Airplane Ticket
En Mi Billetera = In my Wallet (used to tell them where your papers are)
En Mi Bolsa = In my Purse
Boleto = Ticket
Cuanto Cuesta Eso = How much is this
Cuanto Te Debo = How much do I owe you
Ponle Precio = Put a price on this (they LOVE to bater so have fun and do it!)
Secador De Pelo = Hair Dryer (VERY Important as they are hard to find!)
Jabon = Soap
Tollas = Towel
Papel De Bano = Toilet Paper
Se Dano = It broke (use for anything broken)
Lava Manos = Wash hands
Luz = Light (to see with)
MY ALL TIME MOST USED = “Ha Bleme Despacio” means Speak slowly please

Hope this gets you started as it’s alot more than we had for our First trip to South America.

Until next time remember, keep it REAL … REAL FUN 🙂 Brenda


Our Honeymoon, back October 2012 took us to Belize and to quote the Natives, “we had an unBelizeable Time!”  I got to Zip line through the Rain Forest, Cave Tubing and missed the Rock Repelling but here’s what I learned about BELIZE.

You can open a bank account in Belize from home online and their banking system is based on British System.  All Banking staff speak perfect English with of course an accent.  Belize banking accounts are Not subject to OECD and you can handle all paperwork for proof of whom you are by FedEx only.  Belize will Not Tax your account nor will they let the USA tax you for monies in their country!  The negative is there is no deposit insurance on any Belize account so don’t put any in there that should something unforeseen happen you lose it, keep the account real and within your own personal means.  Belize banks have less than One Billion dollars in assets, just say’en.  Wiring money to Belize will typically go through three other banks before getting to Belize so prepare for extra fees here.  Financial Investigative Unit (FIU) is the watch dog of Belize which monitors their banks and will investigate any claims you might have or make known!

Caye Bank is the best I’d suggest BUT Not to be Held Liable for Your Decisions.  Referenced as the best bank, most stable and it’s licensed with All Foreign Non-Residence also works with Swiss Banks.  Just say’en the Caye Bank can loan 50% of a property value with 11% interest to Any Property in the World, impressive!  Caye Bank will provide upon request to their clients a full financial statement.  SUGGESTION ONLY – don’t move large amounts of money to Belize and I would not move there but great place to “spread your assets for protection.” 

Just for the record our cruise went to more than Belize we went to Cosumel; Belize; Hondorus and Grand Caymon. ALL were simply beautiful and so much FUN as this was my First Ever Cruise! If you ever cruise be sure to get out at Every Port and try to do excursions if you can. Enjoy Every Show, Every Comic and of course the 24 hour Ice Cream Bar … John’s fav place to hang out.

Last but never least go Zip lining in Belize, it will be UN-Belizeable!  Later and keep it Real FUN 🙂 BrendaBrendaZiplinning


Chile & Uruguay April May 2013 174

Welcome to Punta del Este in Uruguay (pronounced “Oo da guay” for us Norte American’s) it’s the place where in December and January the South American Rich and Famous go for “Holiday.” The local hotels, restaurants, and businesses are only open those two months. We were told they make enough during those two (2) months to live well for the remainder of the year. They must as none and I do mean none of their hotels or businesses were open, in fact the stores were locked up, product out of the stores and only some window posters were the only things visible. We found a dozen restaurants and businesses open and were told that is for the residents who are “security guards” over the businesses while the owners are out of the city. An Ice Cream Shop we went to charged $9 USA dollars for One Scoop of Ice Cream … again just say’en!

BTW (by the way) Norte American’s are those of us who call United States home so I am a Norte Americana 🙂 (a = female or o= male)

Also just food for thought if you go visit any South America location be sure you speak Spanish they do not speak English nor do they have the desire to accommodate us which I totally respect since I consider it Pride in their Culture, Language and Heritage. Just grateful we were with people who speak multiple languages, which is another point I would like to recognize.

Most South American’s speak multiple languages. Spanish is culture, German, French and Portuguese then English. Again I totally respect them!