Our Honeymoon, back October 2012 took us to Belize and to quote the Natives, “we had an unBelizeable Time!”  I got to Zip line through the Rain Forest, Cave Tubing and missed the Rock Repelling but here’s what I learned about BELIZE.

You can open a bank account in Belize from home online and their banking system is based on British System.  All Banking staff speak perfect English with of course an accent.  Belize banking accounts are Not subject to OECD and you can handle all paperwork for proof of whom you are by FedEx only.  Belize will Not Tax your account nor will they let the USA tax you for monies in their country!  The negative is there is no deposit insurance on any Belize account so don’t put any in there that should something unforeseen happen you lose it, keep the account real and within your own personal means.  Belize banks have less than One Billion dollars in assets, just say’en.  Wiring money to Belize will typically go through three other banks before getting to Belize so prepare for extra fees here.  Financial Investigative Unit (FIU) is the watch dog of Belize which monitors their banks and will investigate any claims you might have or make known!

Caye Bank is the best I’d suggest BUT Not to be Held Liable for Your Decisions.  Referenced as the best bank, most stable and it’s licensed with All Foreign Non-Residence also works with Swiss Banks.  Just say’en the Caye Bank can loan 50% of a property value with 11% interest to Any Property in the World, impressive!  Caye Bank will provide upon request to their clients a full financial statement.  SUGGESTION ONLY – don’t move large amounts of money to Belize and I would not move there but great place to “spread your assets for protection.” 

Just for the record our cruise went to more than Belize we went to Cosumel; Belize; Hondorus and Grand Caymon. ALL were simply beautiful and so much FUN as this was my First Ever Cruise! If you ever cruise be sure to get out at Every Port and try to do excursions if you can. Enjoy Every Show, Every Comic and of course the 24 hour Ice Cream Bar … John’s fav place to hang out.

Last but never least go Zip lining in Belize, it will be UN-Belizeable!  Later and keep it Real FUN 🙂 BrendaBrendaZiplinning

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