Happening 2015 the Board of Directors and o2b Fun, Inc are honored to announce that we will start in 2015 with a Scholarship Named after Michael Sheppard as the “SHEP AWARD.”  This will be awarded in Honor of one taken too soon in life and the award will be a Technical Scholarship Grant from our education foundation to college student who applies annually.

Michael Sheppard  SKILLZ!!

Michael Sheppard, my friend, a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a friend to all, a hard worker, fun, genuine, caring, loyal, eager to learn and above all an awesome young man that at age 29 is suddenly gone from us.  On Friday, April 19 there was a business explosion in Tarpon Springs that took the life of my friend, and one of my youth students from when I attended First Baptist Church, Mr. Michael Sheppard.  We will never understand why God chose to take Michael so soon but we know that God’s plan is so above what our minds can comprehend.

Michael was: silly and fun, yet hard working and giving, yet loyal to his family and friends, yet genuine and true blue, yet a man’s man, yet heart of gold and always caring for others, yet giving all he had and making everyone around him laugh, yet my favorite memory is that Michael loved Cotton Eye Joe and the RoundUp will never be the same!

We all hold fond memories of Michael so the Board of Directors and o2b Fun, Inc a not for profit education foundation want to keep His Memory plus His Name alive … may you live on in the SHEP AWARD my young friend!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and never quit learning!  just brenda

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