Lifetime Experience

Well this is definitely an experience that I will never forget see I have always had Only Bright House Networks service since arriving in Florida on 11-22-1995 and always attended all their fun customer activities.  Trust me people they have a ton every year in every area of Florida and if you don’t go then shame on you … just say’en.

Last night was Tampa Yankees Baseball Team Customer Appreciation game night.  So we arrive, get our tickets (note for Bright House customer’s free tickets and free parking) walk in to see Mrs. Bright House herself, Amy Sumerlin at her “CAD” event and get VIP Dugout treatment then get asked to represent O2B FUN, INC and throw out the first pitch of the First Home Game of the  2015 Season!

BHN Pitch  BHN Ball


Still glowing and ranting on facebook about this AWESOME opportunity my seat gets called as a winner of BHN Customer Appreciation Random Raffle Prize … I won DigiLand 7inch quad core tablet.  BIG WINNER of the night won a 34inch Color TV.  Bright House Networks thinks of everything for the Kids … or pets were 2inch baseball or 2 inch teddy bears … our lil 5 pound poodle Maggie has her own BHN Bear 🙂 LOVE how everyone is covered!

BHN Tablet   Maggie BHN

All this to say folks if you have the opportunity to attend ANY Bright House Networks Customer Appreciation events or ANY Bright House Networks events, you better go because if not then I will be there to take your prize.

Mark your calendar NOW for Friday, May 15 at 6 pm to attend the Bright House Threshers Stadium in Clearwater for the Threshers Bright House Networks Customer Appreciation game … I will see you there or I will win your prize, just say’en!  Tell Them Brenda at o2b Fun, Inc encouraged you to attend … win your won prize babe!

Until next time go find all the FUN you can … REAL FUN that is!  Just Brenda

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