Congrats Winner 5

CONGRATS to Your Local Future Doctor … another one of our educational scholarship winners that will give back to Tampa Bay Area and the Spanish community!

APRIL (FL State) April will graduate from Florida State in December 2016 and she plans to travel to the Dominican Republic to learn Spanish Medical terminology for serving Florida Families.  Giving back to my culture within the state of Florida is my way of paying it forward so thank you o2b Fun and all those that support this organization!


You all are some of those most unusual people who do Not feel sorry for Tampa Bay Kiddos, you do something about it.   that is why we still have more weekly students to recognize with how they used their educational scholarship dollars just like April above!
That is why YOU are my hero and thank you for your continued gifting as well support by attending our events and donating!  Thanks for giving at

2016 HERO

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is🙂 Brenda


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