For the past year “Throw Back Thursday (TBT)” has been popular most especially with social media.  So for the first time ever, here are my ‘throw backs.’  Going out to the #2A and #2B men in my life …

2A = My Son whom I am so very proud of, brag about and the best young man any mother could ever be proud of.  These three photos of my Nate are ones I cherish since they display to me three important times of growth in his life.  First is when he was “momma’s little man,” then second with “Exodus 20:17 His Band,” and ending with the Best thing he could have ever introduced into our family his beautiful bride, Catie note this was their first ever prom together … I hope you enjoy!

NateCatiePROM  Nate.Mom 1991

Nates Band Exodus 20.17

2B = My Daddy, William Hatfield, I talk about my Daddy isim’s a lot and he has taught me to be the giving person that I am today (or in my opinion that is how I see myself).  Dad never was a talker he’s always been a listener and discerner with the gift of giving.  Now as most parents he both gave in fun and gave in discipline so I have had my share of discipline if you know what I mean 🙂       Photos below are my Dad as the young father I remember, making jokes at Christmas time and the most recent one of us all together.  I truly hope I took all the good of my Daddy and make him proud daily.

Dad 1949  Dad Laughing


So you probably guessed what my #1 Man is … yes 1A is God and 1B is the Hubs!  I haven’t physically seen God/Jesus so I cannot include any photos here and the Hubs asked I not show his photos on “the internet” so being the respectful wife none of him to be included. 

In closing I wanted to share something from Sunday and I hope it speaks to you as it did to me, Pastor Ben mentioned:  “Have you ever seen someone do something that they ‘got by with it’ yet when you tried to do something very close to what they ‘got by with.’  All hell broke loose and you wonder why can’t I ‘get by with it also.’  Pastor stated that you have Christ in you and he is not going to allow ‘his temple,’ to ‘get by with things or actions not pleasing to God.’  OK for me light bulbs went off so again another work in progress.  I hope this helps you when you (like me) have your selfish moments … just had to share that!

Be sure to let those you Love know how much they mean to you and this Social Media “Throw Back Thursday’s” is a Great opportunity to do that in a fun-loving way!  Anyways, until next time let your #1 or #2 or #3 or #4 or #5’s know they mean the World to you …

Keep it Real … REAL FUN that is 🙂  Brenda

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