Santa/Jesus or Jesus/Santa

It is that time of the year when I am reminded of a decision I made about 25 years ago as to which story to tell my son for Christmas.

See, growing up I was told the story about Santa Clause not being real when I was about six years old which made it weird in elementary school. When Nate was born I decided to make up my own story for Christmas so I wanted to share with you all in my blog and it goes like this …

Nate, did you know that Santa Clause and Jesus are best friends! YES they are and do you know why? Santa wanted to ensure all the children of the world knew about Jesus so he helps the parents in getting gifts for all the children of the world to give to the children ON Jesus Birthday. Remember the Bible tells us that Jesus will not come back to earth until it is time for Jesus to take his believers home to live with Jesus in Heaven. Since Jesus will not come back to earth to take us to Heaven until then Santa wants to make sure we all have the opportunity to celebrate Jesus birthday and all he did for us on the cross through his death, burial and resurrection.

How awesome is that Santa believes in Jesus and helps the world believe in Jesus by making sure we all get gifts on Jesus birthday. Who else would make sure gifts are given to others on someone else’s birthday! WOW, Santa really loves Jesus and I know Jesus loves Santa.

Believe what you want but this is my story and I chose to stick with it, in my mind Jesus and Santa Clause are Best Friends … Besties … BFF … Buds or whatever verbiage you want to use.

Another tradition that Nate and I use to do when he lived at home was every year on Christmas Day our dessert was a Birthday Cake that had: Happy Birthday Day Jesus on it. We also would get a gift box fill it with crayons, construction paper, glue, scissors, colored pencils and card stock white paper wrap it up and take to Church for the classes to have.

Today I am so proud to be a part of Countryside Christian Center where every year since 2002 when I joined that church we have Candle Light Services where everyone brings a gift box with their best gift for Jesus to leave in the Manger on Christmas Eve. WOW what a great new tradition I am blessed to be a part of in celebrating Jesus Birthday big girl style. We still celebrate with a little cake when Nate, Catie and we have our Christmas gathering as I guess old habits are hard to break but then again I do not want to break this tradition because some day I will have grandchildren to share my version of Santa/Jesus or Jesus/Santa with … always the kid in me!

Until next time MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours! Keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and a very prosperous 2014 everyone! Brenda 🙂

2 thoughts on “Santa/Jesus or Jesus/Santa

  1. Nila Knisell says:

    Very nice. I did something like that with my 2 children and now with my 7 grandchildren. Lying to children builds must trusts; anxious don’t believe in white lies.

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  2. Bill McClure says:

    Good example Brenda, Santa in spanish means Holy. Like Santa Familia. I think its also the same in french, italian and Latin. MERRY CHRISTMAS


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