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Tomorrow is not only July 4 2014 but it will mark the 75th Anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech to Yankees baseball. This personally hits home for me as my Most Handsome Cousin in California has been fighting this battle with ALS for over three years. So PROUD of Bobby Duffy his Awesome Wife Karen, their battle and the fact he is still here today with us to celebrate this monumental occasion.

In case you did not know, Major League Baseball is paying tribute to Lou Gehrig and the disease as it commemorates the 75th Anniversary of his “Luckiest Man” speech given by Lou Gehrig 75 years ago.

Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day turns out to be the most poignant and emotionally charged event in the history of New York sports, thanks largely to the 277 words the guest of honor spoke that day, deep and simple sentiments, straight from the heart of an immigrant’s son from Yorkville. Yankee legend’s strength and courage as he declares himself ‘the luckiest man on the face of this earth’ knowing he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), now best known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. I believe that sentiment is what we all can embrace this Friday as we come together to celebrate the Fourth of July, baseball, apple pie, Freedom and America while we increase awareness for ALS.

All MLB Clubs playing at home on Friday will conduct special on-field ceremony. Plus, MLB will unveil a special commemorative 75th Anniversary patch, shown above, which will be worn by all players, managers, coaches and umpires. In addition, a video will be played in all ballparks featuring one first baseman from Each MLB Club reciting a line from Gehrig’s speech.

The MLB Network will also air 75th Anniversary programming including “Pride of the Yankees,” the Academy Award-winning film about Gehrig’s life and career. The film will air on Sunday, July 6 so be sure to catch this show.

Last another shout out to Bobby Duffy my Handsome Cousin who Has always held a place in All Our Families heart from the first time he kicked a soccer ball to each day we celebrate His Life … here’s to 30 more Wonderful Years with you Bobby!

Until next time, keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and don’t forget to catch the film … Brenda 🙂

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