Text Question on FUN

End of December, I received text asking why o2b Fun doesn’t sent out fun things to do, I made a promise to at least weekly to post something.  I recently got another text asking for very inexpensive ideas but thankful for what I did to.

Two Hands    SwivelChairRACE   RaceGame (2)

Thursday Text this week is something silly easy and free.  At the start of your work day go make a photocopy of Both of your hands and separate them so you can cut one piece of paper into two.

When you see a co worker in need ask them if you can give them a hand then give them a photocopy of your hand Autographed by you.  After that for really give them a helping hand in their need.  Just LAUGH and give everyone a hand sometime during the day.

OR have a Lunch time Swivel Chair Race where Winner gets a free soda from the Office Vending Machine!  OR like my Husband is enjoyed from our Chinese New Year Poppers have a Penguin Race … OK this one is not free but had to include My Handsome Husband that I LOVE.

Again please remember First this is our Business website But we want to make it fun also!  We are an Education Foundation with two websites, facebook and all the other media of fun things to do so check them all out!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is.  Just Brenda J

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