Scholarship Winners & COFFEE

YIPPEE and it’s time for the weekly update on Middle School Winners.  All four have been handed out and testimonials are in so we wanted you to see all four (4) winners for 2017 along with our miscellaneous scholarships.  Next week we begin with our College Bound students!

Second, our Rooftop Party winners in our By-Weekly giveaway are Lisa Kane and Jacqueline Faust … why two winners you ask.  Because they are the only two that played and because I can.

Third, it’s NATIONAL COFFEE DAY today, September 29 so we wanted to share with you where you can get Complimentary Coffee or BOGO.  Enjoy the following info:

Dunkin’ Donuts, FREE Medium hot coffee when you purchase a Medium or Larger hot coffee!

Cinnabon, Cinnabon is offering free 12 oz. cups of coffee all day long.

Krispy Kreme, Free medium hot coffee or FREE small premium iced coffee.

Wawa, FREE cup of Any Size Wawa Coffee!

McDonald’s, McDonald’s will sell its espresso-based drinks for $2 on Sept. 29.

Starbucks, Instead of free coffee, Starbucks will replace its menu board with signs detailing the company’s ethical sourcing and remind customers that they support farmers by purchasing coffee, according to Extra Crispy.

Until next time, keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!

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